Final tips: man intro ; then man

List all domain

XSCF> showdomainstatus -a

Connect to a domain

XSCF> console -d domainhere

Forcely to connect a domain

XSCF> console -d domainhere -f

View an connected console

XSCF> console -d domainhere -r

To displays the domain information specified for a system board.

XSCF> showdevices

To displays the temperature, humidity, voltage, and fan rotation speed.

XSCF> showenvironment

To lists degraded components.

XSCF> showstatus

To displays users who login to the XSCF.

XSCF> who

To reset domain there are 3 modes for reset command

por: Domain system reset

request: Domain panic instruction

xir: Domain CPU reset

XSCF> reset -d domainhere por

To power on/off all domain or sepcified domain

XSCF> poweron

XSCF> poweroff

Change the XSCF IP

XSCF> setnetwork xscf#0-lan#0 -m netmask your_IP

Remove the Gateway

XSCF> setroute -c del -n -g GW xscf#0-lan#0

Add Gateway for XSCF

XSCF> setroute -c add -n -g GW xscf#0-lan#0

XSCF> applynetwork

XSCF> rebootxscf

Display network information

XSCF> shownetwork

Display route information

XSCF> showroute

To logout of XSCF> type exit

To return to XSCF from a domain terminal type #.