Issue log:

Mounting ZFS filesystems: (1/15)

panic[cpu31]/thread=30023ee3800: BAD TRAP: type=34 rp=2a103a46890 addr=7020726573706f76 mmu_fsr=0

zfs: alignment error:


pid=4838, pc=0x7a24d504, sp=0x2a103a46131, tstate=0x4480001600, context=0x42

g1-g7: 0, feedfacefeedface, feedface, 0, 3000638d940, 42, 30023ee3800

000002a103a465b0 unix:die+9c (34, 2a103a46890, 7020726573706f76, 0, 2a103a46670, c1e00000)


go to single user mode.

ok. try “canmount=noauto” don’t automatically mount zfs.

for i in `zfs list|grep /|grep -v swap|awk ‘{print $1}’`;do zfs set canmount=noauto $i;done

then init 3. it works.

now try manually mount one by one. you may know which caused the crash. if none report crashed. don’t read following lines.

hmm, crashed when try mount localpool/some_disk . others fine. if you don’t have important files. Be CareFul when you do created, i don’t grantee your Data.

Warning: Data lost. You’d better know what u are doing!!!!

zfs destroy localpool/some_disk

zfs create -o mountpoint=/mymnt localpool/some_disk

zfs set quota=3g localpool/some_disk

now try mount all the zfs. works fine.

change the mount to automatically mount.

for i in `zfs list|grep /|grep -v swap|awk ‘{print $1}’`;do zfs set canmount=on $i;done