CentOS 6.0 Finally released. seems the CD/DVD has been updated. you should choose one net install CD or 4.4G DVD. could we have minimal install with one CD ? YES.

Here is the CD, you can minimal install the CentOS 6.0. so it good for guys who want to download one CD and install CentOS, of course you can install once you have installed basic system.

Download link:Download from china network Download from linuxdict

Arch: 32bit

CD Size: 261M

Md5sum: 0f668976b05374d2ecd09801b096f2e4

Guide for new guys use CentOS 6.

1, Choose Language

2, Keyboard layout

3, Storage, most you will choose “Basic Storage Devices”

4, Hostname:

5, TimeZone

6, Root password

7, Disk layout

8, Write Changes to Disk, Be careful, the disk will be erased!!!

9, Disk will be formated. now we can see, default filesystem is ext4.

10, Select the package, due to our CD with minimal package, so make sure you choose Minimal.

11, Installation Started.

12, Conguratulations! your CentOS 6 born!

13, Get into your new CentOS6.

14, Check your new CentOS6.