In the past time, I always used the CentOS. but after I used OpenSUSE just about a week. I found that the OpenSUSE is more friendly than CentOS.

I spent about 2 hours to settle lots of problems after I `yum install bind`

It don’t create named.conf and some need files. Faint !!

when I tried `sudo /etc/init.d/named start`

Locating /etc/named.conf failed: [FAILED]

what’s going on? I just

sudo cp /usr/share/doc/bind-9.3.4/sample/etc/named.conf /etc/

[edyliu@centos53-edy ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/named startStarting named:

Error in named configuration:

/etc/named.conf:57: open: /etc/named.root.hints: file not found [FAILED]

Although I settled the problems after remove some samples and uneed things.

I still want to ask :

Why Can’t I start the service after It has been Installed successfully ?

But In OpenSUSE, it just works after the installation.

What happened to you, My CentOS/RHEL ? Are you trying to go away from my focus ?

Data from

1 Ubuntu 2373>

2 openSUSE 1562< 3 Mint 1458< 4 Fedora 1372>

5 Debian 1221< 6 Mandriva 959= 7 PCLinuxOS 920< 8 Puppy 726= 9 MEPIS 689< 10 CentOS 687<