Building Scalable Web Sites

1、To get started designing and building your first large-scale web application, you’ll need four things.

a. An idea

b. Find some people to build it

c. The most important thing you need is a method of discussing and recording the development process

d. With pens and Wiki in hand, we can start to design our application architecture and then start implementing our world-changing application.

2、The Three Rules when Program

a. Use source control. 常说的做好版本控制

b. Have a one-step build. 尽量让一些工作自动化

c. Track your bugs. 追踪Bug,比如Issue Track


a. 开发过程中的Coding Standards; It’s more important for people on a team to agree to a single coding style than it is to find the perfect style.

b. 测试 Before we get any further, it’s worth relaying a fundamental fact: testing web applications is hard.There are two main types of application testing. The first is automated testing, an important portion of which is called regression testing. The second is manual testing, whereby a human uses the application and tries to find bugs.