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vxprint volume enabled sync

v oravol – ENABLED SYNC 109297664 SELECT – fsgen
pl oravol-01 oravol ENABLED ACTIVE 109297664 CONCAT – RW
sd rootdisk01-09 oravol-01 rootdisk01 33554432 26214400 0 c2t1d0 ENA
sd rootdisk01-11 oravol-01 rootdisk01 60280832 83083264 26214400 c2t1d0 ENA
pl oravol-02 oravol ENABLED ACTIVE 109297664 CONCAT – RW
sd rootdisk02-10 oravol-02 rootdisk02 34066432 109297664 0 c3t0d0 ENA

ENABLED SYNC could happened when you do the vxassist and then ctrl+c incidently.

vxvol -g rootdg -f resync oravol

this need wait a while.

no verbose progress shows up. you can check with following.
vxprint -g rootdg -l|grep -i sync
state: state=SYNC kernel=ENABLED cdsrecovery=2/2 (syncing)

Another tips:
df -h can’t find the change for vxresize. but vxprint shows up.
you can use fsadm -b to extend the fs.

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how to fix vxdisk/dmp state disabled

sometime you add new disk. will notice vxdisk list show path state=disabled.

vxdisk list c2t0d63s2
Multipathing information:
numpaths: 2
c2t0d63s2 state=disabled
c3t0d63s2 state=disabled

vxdmpadm enable path=c2t0d63s2
vxdmpadm enable path=c3t0d63s2

then it goes to
numpaths: 2
c2t0d63s2 state=enabled
c3t0d63s2 state=enabled


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Fix disabled dmp path

root # /etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup -i EMC0_146
VxVM vxdisksetup ERROR V-5-2-3628 The dmpnode EMC0_146 is disabled.Can not
proceed with vxdisksetup.

root # vxdisk list EMC0_146
Device: EMC0_146
devicetag: EMC0_146
type: auto
flags: online error private autoconfig
errno: Device path not valid
Multipathing information:
numpaths: 2
c5t5006048449AE7F48d149s2 state=disabled
c6t5006048C49AE7F77d149s2 state=disabled

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