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the optimization of ecshop

One game with optimization of ecshop.

We use eaccelerator as op for php code. also tested APC and Xcache. seems EA is better on ecshop. it finally turn out the speed is slow down by the session on DB part.

ecshop stores the session into DB. so there are lots of insert/update when the visit cocurrency is very high. but the DB load looks normal, that’s why we spent some time to hit the point. finally check with show processlist. found lots of operation on session table.
then we commented the code related with session. the speed of the site improved a lot.

session be stored in DB maybe better with security or load banlance. but it can be replaced with Memcache. the speed should improve a lot.

Tips from on LAMP op:


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Web Cookies

The programmers met a problem when use Typo3, the clients can’t login with IE but can login with Firefox/Opera.
After the investigation , we find the problem is the cookies. Typo3 can set the domain for the cookies. change the setting to “” it works.

btw, close the browers and clean the cookies the most right way.
In order to do this properly, remember to close your browser first. This is because all your cookies are held in memory until you close your browser. So, if you delete the file with your browser open, it will make a new file when you close it, and your cookies will be back.

Refer of the cookies.

, ,

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Drupal Optimize Tips

Drupal Optimize Tips also good for Php Optimization

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php gd库的细节



GD Support => enabled
GD Version => 2.0 or higher
FreeType Support => enabled
FreeType Linkage => with freetype
FreeType Version => 2.2.1
GIF Read Support => enabled
GIF Create Support => enabled
JPG Support => enabled
PNG Support => enabled
WBMP Support => enabled Read the rest of this entry »

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