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Where is nagstamon configuration?

My nagstamon crashed sometimes and the configuration lost.

but can’t find where the hell configuration is. so got the solution: define the configuration manually.

Everything should get at its place and you can start it from Start menu/Programs/nagstamon. When run from command line with “nagstamon” you can pass a configfile like “nagstamon configfile” in case you want to store it at another place than default. It starts automatically at login. Details:

Now my shortcut looks like: “C:\Program Files\nagstamon\nagstamon.exe” nagconfig.conf
The configuration lays in C:\Program Files\nagstamon\nagconfig.conf , good news it also encryto the password. cool 🙂

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Nagios Tools for Desktop

If you monitor your system with Nagios, then I’d like to share a good desktop tool with you.

Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor which takes place in systray or on desktop (GNOME, KDE, Windows) as floating statusbar to inform you in realtime about the status of your Nagios monitored network. It allows to connect to multiple Nagios servers.

Install the necessary tools firstly on Ubuntu 9.10
$sudo apt-get install -y python-lxml python-gnome2-extras python-gtkmozembed python-eggtrayicon python-gtkspell python-gksu2 python-gdl python-gda python2.5 libgdl-1-3 libgda-4.0-4 python2.5-minimal libdb4.6 libgdl-1-common libgda-4.0-common
$sudo dpkg -i nagstamon_0.8.2_all.deb

Enjoy the good tool.

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