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Howto: Restore VG with LVM backup.

Like cbr in VxVM, LVM has also backup in /etc/lvm/archive/, so if you accidentally remove VG, or VG got destroyed. you can try following procedure.

Note: better do disk2disk copy before doing following. No grantee for your data.

[root@mytesthost:~]# cd /etc/lvm/archive/

[root@mytesthost:/etc/lvm/archive]# ls -lart .
total 36
-rw——- 1 root root 919 Oct 22 13:34
-rw——- 1 root root 923 Oct 22 13:51
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Tips: how to add new disk to existing VG in Lvm2

We added new Hard disk. need add it to existing DG

take sdb as newly added disk

Step1: Format new disk and label as LVM disk
fdisk /dev/sdb
n -> p -> 1 -> return twice -> t -> 8e -> w

Step2: Create FS on new disk
mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1

Step3: Create as PV
pvcreate /dev/sdb1
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