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Last LAMP update in CentOS 5/6

PowerStack is a repository that allows you to run the latest LAMP versions in your Enterprise Linux. Currently both CentOS and RHEL are supported (i686 and x86_64).

rpm -Uvh
yum update php


It’s a very cool project, thanks for the developers.

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how to get latest php mysql

There are many ways, you can compile by yourself, but not good in production env.

Here is option from

We are committed to providing up-to-date and regularly maintained RPM packages for the latest upstream versions of PHP, Python, MySQL and other common software specifically for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and clones.

Try at your own risk. 🙂

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the optimization of ecshop

One game with optimization of ecshop.

We use eaccelerator as op for php code. also tested APC and Xcache. seems EA is better on ecshop. it finally turn out the speed is slow down by the session on DB part.

ecshop stores the session into DB. so there are lots of insert/update when the visit cocurrency is very high. but the DB load looks normal, that’s why we spent some time to hit the point. finally check with show processlist. found lots of operation on session table.
then we commented the code related with session. the speed of the site improved a lot.

session be stored in DB maybe better with security or load banlance. but it can be replaced with Memcache. the speed should improve a lot.

Tips from on LAMP op:


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Use Google Js API or YUI if u can

at the title, benefits in short
1. the Google use CDN, so the clients can browser faster than your own server.
2. use it can save ur bandwidth and network usage
3. Increases Number Of Parallel Downloads

but in China, maybe not well enough, because the Google is f**ked sometimes.

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