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Issue_Tracker Project(most in php)

I was looking for some issue tracker written in Php, there is jira (java) works well , but we want to install on Cpanel, so we need some project written in php. here is what i found, maybe can help you, if u have any other good projects, plz comment my post. tks.

no project, and in php
use Zope, and in Python, no Project

Work Tracker
Work Tracker is a work tracking system written in PHP. This project is a fork of the Sourceforge Issue-Tracker project. While Issue-Tracker focuses mostly on tracking issues, Work Tracker tracks general work tasks.
it modify the name Issue-Tracker to Work Tracker


is written in Python
Guest account: / guest
Admin account: / administrator

Enterprise CRM and Groupware System
died almost

not good at project control, and user permission

IT Project Guide

use Postgresql , Php and Apache


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