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Veritas Cluster Server CP server install and configuration guide

When you read this article, i assume you already know the split-brain issue in Cluster. VCS have CP server to avoid the split-brain issue. also you can use SCSI3-PR func if your SAN storage support that.

We mainly focus on CP server setup and Configure the cluster to use CP servers.

=== Part 1, Setup CPS server ===
CP server setup. you can install SFHA all package. which include the CPS server

VRTScps All Cluster Server – Coordination Point Server

# Quick Steps:
/opt/VRTS/install/installvcs61 -configcps

# Manual Steps without VCS, because CPS can run alone.
# Once you installed, create CPS configuration.

root@salt/etc/VRTScps/db/current:$ cat /etc/vxcps.conf
vip=[10.x.x.x] # update x.x.x to your VIP

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