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zfs issue: zfs: alignment error ?

Issue log:
Mounting ZFS filesystems: (1/15)
panic[cpu31]/thread=30023ee3800: BAD TRAP: type=34 rp=2a103a46890 addr=7020726573706f76 mmu_fsr=0

zfs: alignment error:
pid=4838, pc=0x7a24d504, sp=0x2a103a46131, tstate=0x4480001600, context=0x42
g1-g7: 0, feedfacefeedface, feedface, 0, 3000638d940, 42, 30023ee3800

000002a103a465b0 unix:die+9c (34, 2a103a46890, 7020726573706f76, 0, 2a103a46670, c1e00000)

go to single user mode.
ok. try “canmount=noauto” don’t automatically mount zfs.
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