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Install Lftp on Solaris 9 manually

Yeah, there is pkg-get way.
If you don’t have pkg-get, you can follow the steps.

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Last LAMP update in CentOS 5/6

PowerStack is a repository that allows you to run the latest LAMP versions in your Enterprise Linux. Currently both CentOS and RHEL are supported (i686 and x86_64).

rpm -Uvh
yum update php


It’s a very cool project, thanks for the developers.

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Cygwin telnet tips etc

Install Telnet Using Cygwin On Windows 7
telnet for Cygwin is in inetutils, install the package to gain telnet

Crontab issue:
pam_access(crond:account): access denied
crond[9985]: CRON (someuser) ERROR: failed to open PAM security session: Success
crond[9985]: CRON (someuser) ERROR: cannot set security context

* if has /etc/cron.allow – add users to this file
* /etc/security/access.conf – comment out

# All other users should be denied to get access from all sources.
#- : ALL : ALL

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Important Server Maintenance/Update Notes from RH

First, the most important thing is to perform system update in a maintenance window, because if you have any critical service, the service must be stopped before the upgrade begins.

The maintenance window is also necessary because the server needs a reboot to the new kernel goes into production.

If the server has some third-party module into the kernel, the inclusion of these modules should also be made for the new kernel, otherwise the new kernel will not contain all the modules required and this can cause problems at boot process and devices’ recognition, such as storage, drive controllers, and others…
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