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How to deal with delete and free space

How to free/restore the space ?

When we tried to clean the disk space, maybe encounter this kind of issue. you rm some big files.
df -h doesn’t appear difference. but du -hs /directory seems different with df
simple answer maybe is : some process use the files. the process didn’t free it.

If you want to know details, here is the link:

>sudo lsof |grep ifs|grep deleted
java 17059 ifs 9w REG 253,9 632315860 1212431 /apps/ifs/IFSV01/instance/IFSV01/logs/connectserver/ifsalert.0.log.1 (deleted)

>ls -la /proc/17059/fd/9
l-wx—— 1 ifs ifs 64 Sep 13 02:16 /proc/17059/fd/9 -> /apps/ifs/IFSV01/instance/IFSV01/logs/connectserver/ifsalert.0.log.1 (deleted)

Now how to restore it ?
>cp /proc/17059/fd/9 /apps/ifs/ifsalert.0.log.1.restored

Now how to free it ?
#> /proc/17059/fd/9

More explainations:

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