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Long time no update

I haven’t update this blog for a long time.

two reasons:
firstly, the earthquake cut the connect from my country to USA.
secondly, busy with learn new knowledge. solaris and websphere.

solaris have a good new file system ZFS, and websphere works as tomcat, but is more enterprise? it has lots of features, so it will take me some time to dig it. so is solaris.

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Home permission

when we open user_dir in apache, we should change the /home as 711
i changed it to 711 no,but still have some problems

the developer use Ruby , it shows the following in apache error log.
Permission denied: xsendfile: cannot open file:
change the directory that store the file, it works well.

so seldom use /home/user to store some files that apache will visit.


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Collection of Some Software

sipXecs V.S. Trixbox in the Business Phone Solution

Cobbler V.S. Viper in automatically install Linux

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