Read some articles on Ubuntu recently.

occasionally read an article about approx, It works like a cache server. can cache the *.deb for other usage

the approx server: run sudo apt-get install approx

/etc/approx/approx.conf :






sudo /etc/init.d/approx start

if u has firewall, open port 9999

the clients: sudo mv /etc/atp/source.list /etc/atp/source.list.orgin

sudo vi /etc/atp/source.list

paste the following lines

(note: change SID to ur release )

deb http://approx_server_ip:9999/ubuntu/ intrepid main restricted universe multiverse

deb http://approx_server_ip:9999/buntu/ intrepid-updates universe multiverse

deb http://approx_server_ip:9999/ubuntu intrepid-security main restricted universe multiverse